Saturday, March 29, 2014

What's That Smell?

Woolworths didn't have my usual washing powder this week, so  I had to get substitute.
Same brand different fragrance.
This one is supposed to be "lemon fresh".
I opened the box with no great expectations only to have my nostrils assailed by a most peculiar odour. It didn't really smell like lemons, not even some sort of chemically lemon-esque scent. After a few seconds my olfactory memory kicked in. My new soap powder fragrance was highly reminiscent of the surface spray I use around the skirting boards to keep the cockroaches at bay.
(Sadly I am very familiar with that particular scent at the moment-we seem to be under attack from giant mutant cockroaches: EWWW!)
On the plus side our clothes should be free of crawling insects for the foreseeable future.