Saturday, December 14, 2013

Too MuchTo Do

Like everyone else at this time of year I find myself drowning in a sea of busy. I am up to my middle with have to, got to and must do and sinking fast. As I lay in bed, my head buzzing with what I haven't managed to finish off today and what I need to do tomorrow, I find myself asking, when did Christmas stop being fun and start being hard work?

Why is it that to do lists always include things like-
  • pay bills,
  • worm the cat
  • find the source of mystery smell in the bathroom,
And never include-
  • read trashy novel under shady tree
  • drink cocktails at sunset
  • lay in bubble bath until skin is all wrinkly and prune-ish.
So right now in this unexpected lull I am going to write myself a fantasy to do list. What would I do if time, money, talent and responsibility were no barrier. Hmm, let's see in addition to the above I would-
  • sleep solidly until I woke up naturally
  • learn to crochet
  • learn to dance
  • learn a language
  • take up fencing
  • create a garden
  • sky dive
  • run a marathon
  • learn to play a musical instrument
  • climb a mountain
  • see the northern lights
  • walk on the great wall of China
  • drink Champaign in a hot air balloon
  • scuba dive in the tropics
  • stand beside an active volcano
  • visit exotic destinations (Versailles, Rome, Pompeii, Petra, Egypt, Paris, South America)
  • photo safari in Africa 
  • finish PhD (start PhD)
  • see a glacier up close
  • write a book
  • laugh heartily and often (I never seem to do it anymore)
  • slow down, ease up, let go
Now that's a far more interesting and fun to do list. Merry Christmas.