Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bye-bye Baby

Yesterday Boy Genius turned 18.
There was no wild night at the pub with mates-just a small party at shcool, followed by a quiet night at home. Once my hero gets back from his current job we'll do something special to mark the occasion. His godmother baked him a cake-as she always has-and got a bit of a surprise when hearing her voice he wandering into the kitchen stark naked to say hello. After he was appropriately attired, candles were lit and blown out with almost as much joy as the chocolate mud cake was then eaten.
If I'm honest I must admit that when he was born I never really consisdered what his 18th would be like. But I would never have guessed it would be like this.
In some ways I feel a little sad about all the things he's missing but on the upside I never have to worry about him getting drunk or doing drugs, going halves in a teen pregnancy, getting into fights or a dozen other things 'normal' lads of his age get up to.
So I'm sad but not too sad-really.