Friday, September 11, 2009

A Big Thanks

I have returned from my time in the UK with an addiction. I love trashy magazines. Not of the celebrity gossip, latest Hollywood diet and fashion kind, but of the reptiles really rule the earth, crop circles are really messages from beyond and my cat saved me from poltergeist variety.
I’ve always loved a good ghost story (having lived in a couple of haunted houses myself) and I do have a soft spot for a good conspiracy theory (or, let’s be honest, even a bad one, in fact, I don’t know which is more fun-completely whacked out theories or those plausible enough to make you wonder). While we were away I discovered a plethora of magazines devoted to these and other out there subjects. My nearest and dearest simply don’t understand my fascination and I’m sure the in-laws are just a little concerned about what my hero has married into but I was delighted to discover ‘chat It’s Fate!’, ‘the Fortean Times’ and their many contemporaries.
Sadly Australia offers no equivalent reading material, so you can imagine my delight when a friend offered to pick me up a couple of magazines while she’s passing through London. However I do believe that she may now be regretting the offer given that being seen purchasing the requested material makes her feel a little bit (and here I quote) “like a sky clad, crystal bedecked, om chanting, Gaia sentient fringe dweller”.
So I hereby acknowledge the sacrificed dignity and extraordinary embarrassment that she has suffered on my behalf in the purchasing of this material. And to any who doubted her, yes it really is for a ‘friend’.