Thursday, April 30, 2009

The $850,000 question

Apparently I have WON the UK NATIONAL LOTTERY!!!
Extraordinary. Particularly considering I’ve never even heard of the Online Sweepstakes International program, let alone bought a ticket.
But that’s a minor detail. All I have to do to claim my winnings is send my personal details to some stranger and they’ll send me a check for 850,000 pounds sterling.
I’m usually a little wary of giving out that kind of information over the internet but Mr. Emmanuel Loiseau is obviously a man of honour. After all he went to a lot of trouble to track me down via hotmail, especially considering that I never even bothered to buy a ticket in his lottery. And it must have been difficult to find me since my hotmail address bears no relation to my actual name at all.
So how to spend my new found wealth.
I want to put this windfall to the best use possible but there are so many deserving charities and let’s not forget family and friends.
The decision has been a hard one but I’ve decided that nice prince from the displaced Nigerian Royal Family needs it more than anybody else.
So Emmanuel, if could forward my cheque onto him that would be brilliant.
In the meantime, there’s a lot of lotteries out there I haven’t entered, I’m going to sit back here and rake in the big bucks.