Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tempus Fugit

Ain’t that the truth!
It feels like only a couple of days since I last wrote and yet the date of my last post shows it to have been, in fact, weeks. The Big Event during that time-The professor of pedantics turned 15.
The event was marked by a trip to the theatre. I accompanied four teenaged girls to see Mama Mia, and inadvertently, a nude cycling protest.
The stage show was just as much fun as I remembered-even if white stretch satin and platform boots did feature heavily in the encore. And while my group didn’t dance the entire way through like the pink-enwrapped four year old in front of us, I’m sure they enjoyed the show.
I’m uncertain of their feelings about the nude cycling. It was, to say the least, somewhat unexpected. We emerged from the underground car park to the cheering of those at sidewalk cafes and the honking of taxi horns, as a group of about fifty cyclists rode by in the buff. There was much averting of eyes, blushing and giggling. I thought the smiley face painted on a passing bum a friendly touch.
I’m not entirely sure what the cyclists were hoping to achieve, I can only hope their message got through to somebody (and that those bikes weren’t rented-eewww).

On an entirely unrelated note: Lucy has not bothered contacting me through more traditional channels, so I guess I’ll always wonder who she was and what she wanted. Or more likely, not.