Friday, September 18, 2009


This morning I completed day 3, week 9 of the couch to 5k running program officially graduating from couch potato to “runner”. I use the quotation marks because most people could probably walk faster than I run. Hey, I can probably walk faster than I run. Even so, I did it and I’m quite pleased with myself.
I ran, okay jogged, for time rather than distance. Nine weeks ago shuffling along for one minute was a bit of an effort. Today I can do thirty continuous minutes with the same amount of effort. I figure this means that my fitness has improved, though I have no objective way of measuring that.
Now that I’ve made it this far I am determined to stick with it, aiming to increase my speed/distance. (I am currently only running about 3.5-4km in half an hour as opposed to the 5km the program targets so there’s lots of room for improvement.)
If you’re interested in checking out the program for yourself (or just to see what I’m talking about) you can find it here:
cool running, couch to 5k running program
It’s not particularly easy but neither is it very hard. And if I can get my fat, middle-aged, arthritic arse through it then anybody can.