Monday, August 02, 2010

I Had A Dream

Last night I dreamt that my washing machine was chasing me around the house.
It wasn’t my real washing machine and it wasn’t my real house but in the way of dreams I knew that both this white good and this residence were mine although I wouldn’t be able to identify them on waking.
Eventually I ran outside and hid amongst the bushes around the letterbox. Obviously not my real letterbox which stands alone at the end of the driveway because I would not plant anything that might attract bees to a place I must visit regularly, but again in the dream I knew the letterbox was mine. The washing machine eventually found me and we danced around the letterbox dodging each other. Eventually a friend appeared. Again not somebody I actually know just a generic person who my dream self identified as a friend. They distracted the washing machine while I cut off its power cord (with a handy pair of scissors that mystically materialized in my hand).
This did not have the desired result of stopping the washing machine dead.
In fact, it seemed to irritate it and I had to run off down the street with the washing machine in pursuit. And while I didn’t look back I knew the machine was morphing into something else but I’ll never know what because at that point I woke up.
This all probably says something deep about my psyche. Not sure what. Feel free to analyse if you care to.