Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Zoological Physics (domestic practical)

How much water can a 4kg, long haired cat displace from a 45lt fish tank?
This is a question that has plagued us, lo these many years. But now, thanks to Tiger’s valiant efforts, we have the answer.
For years his attempts to immerse himself in said fish tank have been stymied by the presence of a heavy glass lid and uncooperative housemates (who have the rather annoying tendency to put him outside should they catch him in the throws of aquatic investigation).
But persistence pays. And Tiger has discovered that if you land on the fish tank with just the right amount of force, at just the right angle, the lid can be made to slide into the tank allowing unfettered furry access to the water below.
In the course of his experiment he not only answered the pressing question of water displacement but also incidentally confirmed the long held belief that cats are not overly fond of swimming and established that wet glass does not make the perfect springboard for exiting an aquarium.
Tiger appeared surprised by these secondary discoveries.
Scribbles, the fish tank’s lone resident, appeared startled by the sudden appearance of a cat in this watery world. But then axolotls have no eyelids so Scribbles always looks startled, even when sleeping.
So how much water can a 4kg, long haired cat displace from a 45lt fish tank?
About two completely sodden, but not dripping, bath sheets worth.