Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Failing Resolve

So, here it is almost a week into the new year and I am yet to commit to a resolution.
In the past I have valiantly failed to drink two litres of water a day (easy enough in the summer but as the temperature fell so did my water intake), exercise for 30 minutes a day (because, as any mother could tell you when you need to be in three places at once and something's exploded in the microwave and you can't get from the front door to the letter box without a machete the first thing to go is exercise), lose weight (no that's not a conjoined twin behind me, it is, in fact, my arse), or live more spontaneously (who was I trying to kid. Military campaigns have been fought with less precision than boy genius's daily routine).
Inspired by these heroic failures past I have decided to run with the idea of the unfinished. This year I will endeavour to complete, or to at least make substantial progress on, the unfinished craft projects, unread books, unwatched DVDs and undone jobs about the place generally.
I'll report back as to how it goes.